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Social Media Lucky Draw Contest 2.0 - 3 x M ° 1 8 0 to be giving away.

THANK YOU BACKERS! Together, we made it!

Introducing SteelConnect-M & M-Hook, adapters for Moto360

SteelConnect 2.0 Final batch updates & pre-order (Kickstarter Update)

Overall Delivery & SteelConnect 2.0 Final Batch Updates

How to install SteelConnect 2.0 & SteelConnect 2.0 manufacturing progress

SteelConnect 1.0 will have ready stock by next week! Further 10% off with a simple LIKE!

Short update of SteelConnect 2.0 production progress

SteelConnect 2.0 Production are Officially Started Today! We are not proud of that, but thankful that we could finally ship soon.

SteelConnect 2.0 Manufacturing progress

Launching of our humble e-store

Sample of SteelConnect 2.0

Important Production and e-store updates

A Tiny Updates. Cheers!

IMPORTANT: We've sent you the survey + Minor Production Updates

Some guidelines for your Pledge Survey