End of the Campaign. We're prepping the survey form.

Dear Fellow Backers,
Its the end of the campaign. We sincerely thank you for all your support into making SteelConnect a success. We'd exceeded 200% of our initial goal. This will not happened without you.
We're prepping the survey form, hopefully we can get it ready in a day or two. We are looking into every single details, we wish to collect all relevant data and information within this survey. The survey will Include your delivery address and desire colour of your SteelConnect. We understand that there are still many Pebble Steel fans out there that yet to be reach. Therefore. we are preparing our e-store in the hope to introduce this convenient product into more Pebble Steel user.
We will continue to keep you updated of the manufacturing progress, along with our e-store. Once again, thank you so much from the bottom of our heart!
Besides Kickstarter, we can also be reached at the social media below.
You guys are amazing. Love ya.


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