Important Production and e-store updates

Dear Beloved Backers,
First we would like to apologise for the late updates since our previous post. Hopefully the following good news could compliment the wait. We have 4 major updates to share with you today.
1. The production for SteelConnect 1.0 has ended,tumbled and we're sending it for anodised coating. We're very excited and hope you are too.

2. We will be launching our e-store next week. Once again sorry for the wait as none of our crew are pros in handling e-commerce website and so we are trying our very best to try out all possible and quickest way to setup the website. We will import all customer data from kickstarter to our e-store as VIPs. At the same time we're having some issues importing your orders. We've spoken to the tech rep of e-commerce platform we're hosting but none of them gave us a solution. In order to save time trying and error. We have decided to key it in one by one. Therefore, you will be receiving an email and invoice from us within this few days. Kindly do not response and make any further purchase yet as the website will not be fully function until next week. We will put on an update regarding the proper procedure to setup your account and password before the launch. Once again we thank you so much for your patience and kind co-operation. 
3. Next! The long awaited SteelConnect 2.0 production updates. Our SteelConnect 2.0 manufacturer will be sending us the sample end of this week. If nothing goes wrong with the sample, the production will starts next week. This will take about 8 working days to complete as per information given by our manufacturer.
4. We have finally received an email regarding the payment made into our account from Kickstarter today. Thank you all wonderful backers again for your kind support.
Finally…Sneak peak of the full package content. Tadaaa… We sincerely hope that you will like it.


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