Launching of our humble e-store

Good day!
First good news of the day. Our e-store are finally ready and it is launching NOWat We would like to inform you that all pre-orders will be deliver on Mid June with second production schedule arranged. As per our Grand Opening of SteelConnect e-store. We're offering a limited time discount of 10% off for all purchase. Just enter TQ10 at check out.
Important! There is a changes being made on SteelConnect 1.0 Brushed Aluminium. The manufacture advice us to put a Nickel coating on the brushed aluminium. It is because in nature aluminium will turn dark in daily use, the layer of coating will helps to remain the cosmetic appearance of the aluminium. We agreed with the suggestion and had send it for coating. We just received back SteelConnect 1.0 today, after the coating the colour looks even closer to stainless steel! They had re-process the surface, so there is no more brushed lining on it. It still look as good when it is pair up with Brushed Pebble Steel.

Last but not least, we can't stop mentioning this. Thank you for making SteelConnect a reality. Please do not hesitate to drop us an email at you have any comments on our products or our humble amateur e-store. We appreciate all generous suggestions and comments as it is what makes SteelConnect, SteelConnect today. We will try our very best to reply your email soonest we can. However, any feedback regarding the store setting, kindly allow us to return to you in 24 hours time as we will need to communicate with our e-commerce provider before getting back to you.


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