Some guidelines for your Pledge Survey

Good day, Fellow Backers,
Good News!We're ready with the survey questions and we figured that it might be a little confusing for backers that pledged the £10 reward (Batch One Early Bird Sensation!). Kickstarter only allow the creator to send the survey questions once. We understand that you do not want to risk any mistakes and errors that could cause a delay of shipment. Therefore, we would like to spend a day to share with you how the survey will look like before we distribute tomorrow on 30th of April 2014.

These are the basic questions that must be filled by all backers. Email address is crucial as we're moving you into our SteelConnect E-store as a Premium Members so that we can keep you update of all shipping status. Kickstarter itself are unable to handle this. Phone Number is for shipping purposes incase you are not available when the delivery guy is knocking at your door.

The above sample survey questions are specifically for £10 reward backers only.Kindly pardon us for the confusion as we really wish to cater you with the best package we could. Please select "NOT MY PLEDGE SELECTION" if the specific questions are not the one you pledged for. IF you pledge for the SteelConnect 1.0 + SteelConnect 2.0, kindly fill in your desired colour choice for the specific SteelConnect. Please be reminded that SteelConnect 2.0 Champagne Gold is a new pledge with different Pledge level, it is not a choice added into SteelConnect 2.0 as mention in the update before. You may refer to update #12 for further information.
As for £15 reward, £18 reward, £23 reward, £30 reward, £33 reward and £46 reward backers there are no worries as the survey questions are pretty straight forward. The desired Colour of the SteelConnect you've pledged for. 
Once again we thank you so much for your patience and kind co-orperation. Please do not hesitate to send us any feedback and comments if you think we can better improve in any aspect. We will constantly keep you update of the production progress in both Kickstarter , Forum and Social Media.


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