SteelConnect 2.0 Manufacturing progress

It has been sometime since the last update. Finally some good news for SteelConnect 2.0 updates. After a few visit and meetings with the manufacturer. Finally they've come out with a better jig and faster manufacturing process. As per them, we'll be able to receive better volume this week and we'll send them for black PVD coating. As per this progress, we'll be able to ship all of SteelConnect 2.0 before June ends. 
Here are some of the photos we've got from our latest visit. 

The machine that has been doing all the work.
The machine that has been doing all the work.
We're sorry once again as we never expect a simple adapter would need to take 8 complicated process to complete. We're so wrong in estimating the production cycle. We've learn from the mistakes and we thank you all of you for your kind patience and tolerating our learnings. 
Besides, for those who had received SteelConnect 1.0. You may watch the sample video below for the installation of SteelConnect 1.0 onto your Pebble Steel. It was design to be tight to prevent rattle, therefore it might not easy for the first try. Here is an easier way that might ease the process.

Thank you and kindly share with us your Pebble Steel photo with our SteelConnect 1.0 on. We're glad to see so many creative people out there mixing and playing around with different straps. Its superb! We're glad to be at your service.


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