SteelConnect 2.0 Production are Officially Started Today! We are not proud of that, but thankful that we could finally ship soon.

Yes indeed it wasn't a good news to update you guys. Sorry for not being able to full fill the delivery before June ends as promised. We're trying to look for solution and alternate ways to make it up to you. Every date line that we provides to you earlier on was the date line the manufacturer promised us. Monday was the date they suppose to provide us with the final buy off. However when Jason called in the early morning, they wanted us to revisit on the next day, which is Tuesday. We'd given too many chances to our manufacturer in the hope for them to deliver and yet we've been let down again and again. This is indeed our mistakes due to the lack of experience in handling our manufacturer. They have been given us excuses about the complicatedness of SteelConnect 2.0 where caused them to underquote us earlier ago. In addition they had produced 400 pieces of SteelConnect 2.0 that doesn't work well previously and it was a total waste.
Without waiting for this draggy manufacturer, Jason had gone looking for new manufacturer for weeks with the usable samples that we've got in hand. Most of the quote that coming back to us are mostly a lot higher than expected. Besides, we took more time looking through their portfolio and asking around about their reliability. Therefore it took us sometime into decide which to go for. We are very close to finalise our deal with the second manufacturer, which will work to boost up our inventory.
Please do not get us the wrong way. The previous manufacturer will still need to deliver the first batch as promised and all of those will be use to full fill immediately to all of our honourable Kickstarter backers and of course those who had pre-ordered from our e-store. We seriously do not want you to wait any longer.
The below is the sample today, and the mass PRODUCTION had been OFFICIALLY STARTED after we confirm that they had solve the problem of the critical part in SteelConnect 2.0. 

Don't worry about the colour, it will look good after the brushed finishing. The above sample still need three more process, which are the left & right angle + chamfer. However the critical part were done! 

Four pieces of SteelConnect 2.0 will go through every process simultaneously, to cut down the frequency of changing process. SteelConnect 2.0 are on the process of drilling holes on the left  picture, while the right are working on the slope. Every pieces of the adapter will take more than 2 hours and 8 processes to complete. 
As per Jason reply on the comment last week. 200 pieces of the adapter had gone through the first three process. They will continue to go through every process and will go for Black PVD Plating first so that we can send them both together to all SteelConnect 2.0 backers. 
Both Brushed Stainless and Black Matte SteelConnect 2.0 will shipped together on the week of 21st July. 
Thank you so much for your patience and we sincerely apologize for the second delay of shipment. We do learned a lesson to know which kind of manufacturer we should avoid and of course in handling timeline. Also, sorry again for the late updates as mentioned we hope to provide solution before problems. 
Last but not least, for those who are yet to received your SteelConnect 1.0 please do not hesitate to contact us at with your tracking number as it was suppose to take only 6 - 11 working days to reach you. Kindly allow us to be at your service.
Thank you so so much ;) Cheers!


  1. Thanks for the update! We are supporting you guys in your startup - support necessarily means patience. I hope you are not too stressed and able to enjoy the creative process despite inevitable setbacks. You are doing well, carry on...

  2. Dear Harry, thank you so much for your kind support and understanding. Your comment does brighten up the office today. We will continue to work harder to fight against all odds to deliver 2.0 soonest we can. Once again, thanks a million ;) Cheers!


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