How to install SteelConnect 2.0 & SteelConnect 2.0 manufacturing progress

Jason has notice some minor issues while installing SteelConnect 2.0 onto different Pebble Steel as we have two Pebble Steel Brushed and black matte with slightly different in the lug measurements. Wondering if you had the same? However, Not to worry as we had found solution for the issues we come across. This will not be a problem at all. We just need a little DIY on it. We have prepare a video to show you how these can be easily solved.

The installation video might be lengthy, we've provide the shortcut timeframe into different issues incase you want to skip the long winded part. The whole video is taken with the exact same piece of SteelConnect 2.0 PVD Black Matte. (Please pardon us for the location of shooting as we only have very little time to use the Pebble Steel. We need to get it back from our manufacturer and return it to them so that they can proceed with manufacturing process.)
Timeframe 00:00 - 00:39 - How to install SteelConnect 2.0?
Timeframe  00:40 - 02:00 - My SteelConnect 2.0 is too lose and caused rattle, what to do?
Timeframe  02:02 - 03:00 -  The screw bar can't get through the other end of SteelConnect 2.0, what to do?
Timeframe  03:05 - End - How to remove 22mm screw bar from SteelConnect 2.0?
***Caution: If you do not manage to screw it in, please do not force it in. Try to use 22mm screwbar instead, it will not screw in as deep, but it could nicely grab between SteelConnect and Pebble Steel. It will either be very hard or even impossible for you to remove it if you use the wrong screwdriver. Use the LEFT screwdriver and avoid the Right one.

Both Flathead Screw Driver are 1.4mm, however there is a different in the thickness. The flat head screw is very thin and fragile. You will end up damaging the slot of the screw, if you apply the wrong screwdriver, . The recommended screwdriver is 1.4mm with the narrower version on the left.

**We would like to clarify as this problem is not caused by Pebble Steel as Pebble Steel does not need the precision for its straps and awesome apps. Furthermore, It does not need to adapt to any other 3rd party supporting accessories. Therefore, we would love to provide the above solution to adapt to all differences. We still whole heartedly support the awesome Pebble Steel as one of the most amazing creation.
SteelConnect 2.0 Updates
We will officially end our relationship with the first manufacturer right after this second batch. They had find it difficult to cover the high defect percentage and can hardly meet our order request plus all the hard time. The new manufacturer will only start manufacturing process on September as their machine are currently broke down. However they are using 5-axis CNC machines and had manage to cut down to 2 process instead of 8. This help cutting down the manufacturing time. Therefore we will be able to fulfil all SteelConnect 2.0 PVB Black Matte by Mid of September and to have ready stock for online purchase on October. However a pre-order campaign for SteelConnect 2.0 will start early September at the current retail price(very limited)to thank our early supporter who are still unable to order it from us. We would need to re-adjust to a new retail price later on due to the higher manufacturing cost of the new manufacturer. 
Thank you again for your wonderful support and confidence towards SteelConnect. We are giving our best to serve you the best.


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