Overall Delivery & SteelConnect 2.0 Final Batch Updates

1. UPDATES on the fulfilment of SteelConnect. 
We had fulfilled 70% of the pledge to date. The good thing is that 90% of the backers are satisfied and happy with our product. The 10% are those who face issue in the shipment, either from the miss handling of the carrier, delayed or missing parcel, but don't worry it had been settled. SteelConnect 1.0 are available for purchase in our online store now, normally ships on the next day. SteelConnect 2.0 will start pre-order very soon. 
2. SteelConnect 2.0 Final Batch Shipment
The previous batch we received was a disaster, sorry for using this word. I did mention that if we would have less than 30% of defects on the 2nd batch, we would be able to fulfil all SteelConnect 2.0 Brushed stainless steel. What shocked us is that, 70% of the adapters we received were defective. They had miss drilled most of the screw bar holes, and we find it difficult to align with Pebble Steel. We had sent out the remaining 30% that are in good condition two weeks ago. With all the delay and defects through out this few months, we had officially end our relationship with the first supplier. 
Our second manufacturer had already started their production on September and the third manufacturer are currently in the process of producing tooling. Why do we assign two manufacturer for SteelConnect 2.0? For all the lesson we learn from the first manufacturer, we need more than one to make sure we are in control to fulfil all our promises. The given ETA from our manufacturer is on mid Sep, however we do not want to make you down again. We will put our expectation by early of October. With this batch, we will manage to fulfil all the remaining final 30%.

 3. SteelConenct 2.0 Retail Price adjustment & Pre-order
It is very sad to say but we would like to announce readjustment of the retail price on SteelConnect 2.0 to $45/set due to the raised in manufacturing cost. We are unable to cover the high manufacturing cost with the previous retail price. Due to the complicated process our manufacturer can hardly offer us any better bargain. However, in appreciation to all the early supporter that have keep in touch with us all this while, we will be offering a 15% off during the pre-order period through our e-storewww.steelconnect.co (T&C applies). The launch date of the pre-orders will be announce later on Facebook. 

Thanks for being patience with us and we wish that you could bear with us a little more. We are doing all we can to fulfil the rest of the pledge. We do apologise for the lack of information within this two weeks, as we're in the midst of getting a very firm information from our manufacturer. We wish to reduce the possibilities of miscommunication or giving uncertain information. Thank you so so much for your support throughout the campaign and please continue to drop us your comments. 
Best Regards,
SteelConnect Team


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