THANK YOU BACKERS! Together, we made it!

Dear Backers,
THANK YOU!! A big thank you to all of you backers! Thank you for your encouragement, comments, feedback and your kind patience. Towards our delays, accepting our flaws and mistakes. SteelConnect Team would like to announce that we finally fulfilled all our pledges. If you do not receive your tracking number, please do not hesitate to contact us at Below are a little appreciation we made with all of your names. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

SteelConnect1.0 Limited Seasonal Red Coming Soon!
SteelConnect1.0 Limited Seasonal Red Coming Soon!
Please continue to support us and throwing all your awesome ideas and feedback. We hope you love your SteelConnect when you receive them. Kindly share with us your creativity mix matching SteelConnect with Pebble Steel on any of our social media platform. #Steelconnect


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