M180 PVD Black Matte partially shipped | M225 on the wrist | M-Hook amendments | packaging samples

i) M180 PVD Black Matte partially shipped
Good day! Since its ready, we've partially shipped some of the SteelConnect M180 pvd black matte along with your add ons today. The first 40 M180 Black Matte backers will be receiving your tracking email very soon. However, as per the post office it will be leaving post office by monday due to the post office shutdown on this saturday. We're expected to fulfill all M180 Black Matte by 13/01/15 as promised on previous updates. (for those who have ordered M-Suit & M-Hook are expected to ship by 23/1/15, no later than that)
ii) M225 on the wrist

We hope you love M225 as much as M180. Look at the curve, beautifully wrapping along your wrist. Jason had been wearing it for a few days and M225 has no problem adapting his daily activity. So far, there is no sign of cracking issue with M180 & M225 on.
iii) M-Hook amendments

We love the amended M-Hook! As mentioned on previous updates, the first M-Hook samples were a little oversize and it look pretty ugly. Today, we've receive the new sample and it fitted as one with Moto360. Jason has confirmed the sample and manufacturing will start by monday. Yes, the rush finally begins! We'll follow very closely everyday to make sure we make it before 23/1/15. 
iv) packaging samples

Tadaa! M-180 packaging's form has completed as shared earlier ago. On the left was the final M225 & M-Hook packaging's form in 3D printed samples. They were all sent for die-cut and will be back by third week of January. We can't wait to get them all ready for shipping!
Enjoy the weekends ;)


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