Quarter Dock & Cap Progressive Updates for 11th-17th Jan 2016

How are you there? Hope you guys are doing well in the very first month of 2016. We really appreciate your kind understanding and patience with us through out the modifying and improvement of the product. Here are some progressive update for Quarter Production in the past 7 days.  
1. Quarter Stick ( Estimated Production Complete 8th Feb )
We had secure a reputable manufacture who are producing parts for WD, Bose & etc. The DFM drawing of mould fabrication had been finalise and approved. 

In addition, we had try out few material along the way. Quarter stick is just 1.5mm thick, normal plastic will not be strong enough to work as required. Hence, the material had been upgraded to Fibreglass reinforce Nylon, instead of Nylon. 
2. Quarter Holder ( Estimated Production Complete 29th Jan )
The mould for Quarter Holder is finally completed after the modification being made to add in Quarter Stick. 

Within this coming week, we will receive the sample for the Quarter Holder in Silicone. Once the fitting is accurate, we will proceed with mass production and then shipping.

3. Quarter Cap ( Estimated Production Complete 25th Jan )
The mould had been modified twice for a better grip. It is going through the final polishing to produce a transparent Quarter Cap. 

Quarter Cap Packaging
Quarter Cap Packaging
There will be another short update coming in few days time showing the sample of Quarter Holder. Have a great day a head! Thank you so much for being supportive. Cheers!


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