Quarter Dock tutorial and introduction of the functions

Dear Warriors! 
Good day! Our team would like to officially announce that we had shipped all the Quarter Dock and Cap out. We have finally won the battle together! I believe this 3 months had been a tough time for us fighting to bring Quarter out as soon and you fighting against your patience/doubt of whether this product is ever gonna come out. Its a yes, you will receive it very soon! Surely this is nothing much to be too proud of as we have had much delayed in the process, but we are glad that we did it, finally. 

Functionality meets purpose

We would like to share more about the how and why this product is made in this way. Our design team had scratch their head off this few months and this final piece is the best in its own way. The design and prototypes looks real fine before we headed for manufacturing. Basically to include this four function in one tiny pieces is simply a mission impossible for us, there are so many obstacles that we hit during the process of manufacturing,tooling and product testing. It is a miracle for us in the end to create a multifunctional product that could actually work nicely in every aspect of the recommended function. After going through the details below you will see that everything is designed for it's usability, there is no rooms to add any nor to remove any of them away. 
1. Holding Position
It need to hold firmly without falling out. We have change the mould for several times in making sure the friction and fitting is just nice to hold, while doesn't took too much of your strength to pull it out. 

Hold the Quarter Dock sticking your finger closer while removing the Apple Pencil. This will help to reduce the friction from the Silicone.
Hold the Quarter Dock sticking your finger closer while removing the Apple Pencil. This will help to reduce the friction from the Silicone.
1.1 Tips: Twist and pull simultaneously does help to improve the removing process.  

1.2 Simply adjust at your comfort to use it immediately once it is remove from the connector. " Plug & Play " Sometimes you just can't wait when the ideas kept flowing out. Right?
2. Docking Position

2.1 Vertical Docking: There are few ways you can make the docking useful. On the flat angle, you may utilise the holes on top to stand your Apple Pencil. The process of placing and withdraw are simple. 

 project video thumbnail
2.2 Docking System: The smaller hole on the opposite side act as stabilizer to stop Apple Pencil from falling out, while the Silicone helps to grip the Apple Pencil firmly. The height measurement we've set for Quarter Dock is the minimal height it requires to hold Apple Pencil vertically. We have tested with several length before we were settled down this specific measurement. The tip will slightly touched the surface while placing the Apple Pencil due to the force we pushing down. However it will immediately reflect back to its position once it is stabilised. Do not worry as it will not damage the tip with minimal pressure.

2.3 Docking Upright: In this position you may use the holding holes as a dock. We recommend that you can push the Quarter Dock in for a more stable docking experience, if you are using the Quarter Stick L. Simply push it back to holding position when you close the cover. 
3. Charging Position

 3.1 Best Position: The charging to dock position is best use in a flat surface on top of the table as it has less support compare to the docking position. 

3.2 Protrude: The protrude part is design to better hold the charging cable. 

3.3 Space: We always wanted it to be smaller and remain all the function, but it is simply impossible. We had use the minimal space to design Quarter Dock. If you look at the green arrow, the Apple Pencil will sit Just Nicely kissing the charging cable for a tiny bit.  
4.  Locking Position ( Keep the cap from missing and protect the angle ) 

4.1 If you are using a thin casing ( for example: the original Apple silicone case ) for your iPad Pro, you should place your Quarter Dock in the direction of the cap facing you and also place it on the other end to reduce the possible damage cause from the angle between the table and Quarter Dock. 

4.2 This is how it will looks like when you face the Quarter Cap toward your opposite side and place it near to the charging port. This is a wrong position and you might risk bending your Apple pencil.

4.3 For a thicker case/cover like Logitech Create, you may utilise the height of Quarter Dock to support your pencil while charging. 

4.4 If you are using the Quarter Stick S (short version), it will work as it is. The Apple Pencil Cap will lock just nicely on the Quarter Dock. 

4.5 For those who are using a thicker case with the Quarter Stick L (long version) on board, you will need to slightly push the stick out to accommodate the cap firmly. Right after the little push, the Cap should sit accordingly in place. 

4.6 The Cap will only lock nicely when the stick is insert. If you try to put the cap on without the stick, it will fall right off. The dimension is calculated exactly with only 0.3mm thickness in the left and right side of the protrude to make 7.2mm to hold the cap. 
5. Quarter Cap 
We took some time testing for the perfect fit of Quarter Cap. The motive is to create a cap that is easy to remove from both the tip and back cap of Apple Pencil. We have tried with a tight fit cap that stuck with the Apple Pencil Cap every time we tried to move it out. 

 project video thumbnail
5.1 Reduce Impact: Yes, the whole purpose of having Quarter Cap is to reduce the direct impact from the accidental fall of your Apple Pencil. Well, this is not something that will happen all the time, but just in case for the "One" time. XD

 project video thumbnail
5.2 Removal: With all the fitting test being done, we still need to make sure the cap won't fall out by itself. So there is actually a tiny friction which hold them together. The video shows how a little twist compliment the removal process. 

5.3 Transparent: We need to apologize as we might missed mentioning about the changes of the transparency level of the cap. In the original plan, it suppose to be a higher level transparency version. Due to the parting line problem we need to make a choice of transparency level versus parting line placement. The parting line can only be on two places, wrap around the both side of red line ( will be very ugly ) or the green arrow line ( more natural ) that you see now. 

5.4 Transparency Level: Both Cap above are using the exact same mould and same polishing mould level. There are two type of surface for silicone, Matte and Polished. Both have its pros and cons. For high transparency effects they need to have a very high level of polishing. Because of the height and narrow of the cap ( due to the parting line position, the mould need to work this way ), the mould are unable to go for high polishing. The left Quarter Cap is produce using normal silicone ( for your information if the mould are able to go for high polished, this material can achieve clear transparency). Hence we opt for a higher grade silicone which could achieve a higher level of transparency with the same mould. 
6. Quarter Stick 

Left: Quarter Stick L (Long) | Right: Quarter Stick S (Short)
Left: Quarter Stick L (Long) | Right: Quarter Stick S (Short)
6.1 Every Quarter Dock comes with two sizes of Quarter Stick in the box. It will be able to support iPad Pro without case and also the range from 2.0mm to 5.0mm. Please use it according to the thickness of your case. Always go for Quarter Stick S first as the shorter the stronger it is if you are uncertain. Please always handle with care as nothing is unbendable under extreme pressure/force.

6.2 If you follow us closely, you will understand reasoning of our decision to go with Glass reinforce Nylon Quarter Stick. The material selecting process move from the original silicone stick attached with Quarter Dock to Metal Stick ( current out flow after tested ), PC, Nylon ( too flexible, not stable ) and finally Glass Reinforce Nylon. 

6.3 Material: Dupont Zytel® Impact Resistant material had been used widely in sports for safety helmets, ski boot , bicycle wheel and etc. However we need you to handle it with care, as the size is small and thin. There is still possibilities of breaking apart if there is a higher force pressing on it. 

6.4 Design: The Original thickness of the Apple 8 pin charger is 1.50mm. The internal hole of the charging port are filled with copper electric conducting strip which slightly protrude. To reduce the friction/contact between the Quarter Stick and and conducting strip, we make the Quarter Stick with the thickness of 1.45mm (50microns thinner). The outer part of iPad Pro charging port is design to be slightly bigger (1.68mm to be exact) to ease the insert of the 8pin lightning cable. The 200microns different makes the Quarter Stick unstable, so we decided to create a Stabilizer. Now it locks into the charging hole Just Nice. 

6.5 Shape: We had fully utilize the available space given, and everything just fit in nicely. Hmm...there are no additional space at all.
7. DO & DON'TS
7.1 Silicone is sensitive to heat and moisture. If you feels the holding position getting smoother or loosen after some time. That is because our hand might transfer the moisture to pencil and then to the Quarter Dock. It might have collected the moisture through times and caused a slight less of friction. Not to worry, kindly wash your Quarter Dock with little amount of soap. Pat and wipe until it is completely dry before use. The friction will regain when the moisture is gone. 

Do not leave your Apple Pencil charging outside your table. You may break the charging port easily.
Do not leave your Apple Pencil charging outside your table. You may break the charging port easily.

Do not leave your Quarter Dock Apple Pencil outside your table. You may break the Quarter Stick or drop your iPad Pro accidentally.
Do not leave your Quarter Dock Apple Pencil outside your table. You may break the Quarter Stick or drop your iPad Pro accidentally.

Always place your iPad Pro fully on the table or on any other surface.
Always place your iPad Pro fully on the table or on any other surface.

Do not leave the Apple Pencil on the bottom direction, make sure it is always upright.
Do not leave the Apple Pencil on the bottom direction, make sure it is always upright.
7.2 Please handle it with care. Kindly make sure that you always place your iPad Pro in the upright position. 
8. Learning
We have learn a great lot of lessons from this project. We strongly believe that we are ready for a greater one to come! Although we tried our very best to produce a great product to ease your need,but surely there are always rooms for improvement. Thanks a million for your suggestions and advice. Undeniable this is yet another backers improved products. Great beauty of crowdfunding.
Last but not least, we can't thank you more than enough for your kind patience in walking through this tough time with us. Thank you for making this possible. Please continue to write in, we appreciate all positive and negative feedback in making Quarter a better product.


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