Remod Watchband Shipping update and tutorial

Thank you!
Thank you!
Good day! Thanks for being patience with REMOD team. We have finally shipped most of the watchband starting two weeks ago. We believe some of you have received it and some have not. For those who have received it, you may check out the tutorial below. We would like to apologise for the delay on the orders that have yet to left our premise, we are trying out very best to sort it out soonest possible and it will be shipping out latest by next week. 
1. 20 Shipment Delay
It was due to the shortage of magnets for the magnetic clasp. The size we’re having is not a norm standard commercial measurements as the space we have in the clasps are limited, therefore not many of the supplier have backup stocks. The first batch of magnets came without issue and we manage to assemble it. The second batch came with thickness of 1.75mm instead of 2.00mm. Hence we have contacted few supplier in China to reorder from them. The unbelievable things is the magnet from this 3 manufacturer  came with the thickness of 1.75mm which is unable to fit into the clasps accordingly. This issue had delayed us for two weeks time back and forth. Without further delay, we have to connect with a local supplier now that has many years of experience in the field. Despite any costs,they will help us to import the accurate dimension magnets. It is now on the way and should reach us by 30th March. All order will be fulfil once we receive the magnets.
2. Tutorial
a. How to attach and remove Remod Watchband.
Magnetic clasp is a new way of fasten your watchband. You may need some time to get use to it. Remember, always support your watch while removing magnetic clasp. Below is a short demo of the proper process, also another clip to show how the safety magnetic lock work.

Tips for fasten and remove Magnetic Clasp

b. How to adjust the link.
You may need to lengthen or shorten Remod Watchband to perfectly fit your wrist. Below is the video to safely make adjustment with removal tool. 

c. How to switch between band surface. 

d. How to Change the size of Magnetic Twist Lug.

e. Reversible Mechanism  
How does the reversible mechanism work?  

As we are currently running the beta tester programme, it is important that we are able to collect as much feedback from you as possible. You may contact us directly through . Can't wait to hear from you guys and continue to build this community. 


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