AZ3 Production Progress & Limited Edition Remod Watchband

1. Production Progress

For the past week, we have completed the final prototype with our manufacturer and started the production. Yesterday we received the first 100pcs of production sample for quality check. Besides that we had also sent 10pcs for colour matching. Soon you will see the final out come. XD Shop here.
2. Remod Watchband Limited Edition Colour Matching

Yes, after several discussion and consideration our team had decided to surprise you with the limited edition! This will be the one and only metal strap in the market that colour match with your AZ3 adapter and Asus Zenwatch 3 ( please be reminded that it will not be exactly the same colour with Asus Zenwatch 3 due to the difference in the nature of material ). For those who already added Remod Watchband in your pledge, it will automatically upgraded to the limited edition. Those who haven't, your last chance will be the add-on in Survey. Shop here.
3. Survey (For Kickstarter backers Only)
Its is important to know that you will only be able to fill up the survey once. Kindly read through and fill up accordingly. The only changes you can make is the address after you submit,  it will be officially lock at 11:59pm on 1st August 2017. You are able to add-on Az3 adapter for further mix and match, Remod Watchband Limited edition and also upgrade to Express Shipping ( Fedex International Priority Shipping ). You do not need to fill up all columns, the add-on is made available for those who needed only.
Paypal will be the only payment methods now, however you are able to pay with Credit Cards without sigining in to Paypal. The currency will be fix in USD. Shop here.
4. Shipping

Your AZ3 Adapter will be well protected during the shipment.
Your AZ3 Adapter will be well protected during the shipment.

Our current progress is quite smooth. If nothing occurs in the middle of the process this two weeks, we will be able to ship it out starting on 1st week of August for Kickstarter backers and follow by e-store early birds. Shop here.
Hope you love this update, the next one will include AZ3 adapter with finishing! Stay tune.
Thank you & Have a blessed day.
SteelConnect Team


    1. Hi Thanks for This replie ,but I don't understand why so expensive without a strap? Considering wish is able to sell adaptors for samsung s2 for 3 or 4 euros really only difference looking at your one's !! Your s are smaller and the samsung 2 smart wear adaptors are abit bigger but 3 euro & free post that's a fab Deal !! Has your company only started producing these. Zen adaptors?

    2. Thank you for sharing your concern. Many has to take in consideration on the production process. You may see this as bespoke small volume design part. As for AZ3 adapters are fully CNC machining pieces by pieces. Follow by the complicated design of AZ3 due to the many angles. Extra labor process requires and each piece took an hour to produce. As for Samsung adapter that you mention, they might be using moulding for more than 100,000 pieces mass production. The mould itself would cost us more than what we are producing now. Hope this make things clear.

      1. Hi just wondering any update on my zen 3 adaptor I odered it the 11 july its now the 2 august wondering is their any progress now!!

      2. Thank you for check it out. New update coming real soon ;)


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