AZ3 Production Update. Important, MUST READ!

Arlo! Good day!
We received a lot question since the last update and hope this will answer most of it. Lets begin...
Yay, more Az3 in the house.

1. Remod Watchband
We have receive a lot question about Remod Watchband so we think it's good that we include more details here. 
a. Colour
Three of our Asus Zenwatch are currently held by our Surface finishing partner, so we are unable to show you the final combination. These colours are not common for aluminium, therefore it requires more testing cycle. The watchband metal finishing will match the adapter, so selecting silicone colour should be your main concern now. The orange and yellow are not included now as we need to control our production MOQ. You will be able to order online and customise yourself once it is made available in the future. Shop Here.

b. Functionality
This is the beginning of our watch strap revolution. We are glad that you are in the part of journey exploring more opportunity together. Reversible, Modular and Magnetic! 

c. Remod Tutorial
There are a series of educational tutorial made available to owners for length customisation, safety features and etc. You may find more videos from our SteelConnect Youtube Channel. Shop Remod Watchband

2. Survey (For Kickstarter Backers Only)
a. Final amendment - You are able to make final amendment on your add-ons or colour selection manually through Private Message. Kindly drop us a detailed message regarding your pledge.
b. Address: You will be given until 26th July 2017 to make any changes on your shipping address. Our team will be preparing your parcel from 27th onward with your final address given. 
c. Add-on Paypal Invoice
We are collecting all the information from your survey and gathering the data. We will be sending out Paypal invoice starting 20th July 2017. Our team is relatively small, so it may take few days to complete the list.
If you do not have a Paypal account, we will still send the invoice to your email. Follow the link and you will be able to pay with credit card without signing in to Paypal.
Thank you & have a wonderful day Shop Here.
SteelConnect Team


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