AZ3 Production Update | Important: A mixture of Good and Bad news.

Hi Backers & Friends,

Good day! We really wish to ship the part out as soon, but we face some challenges. Some good and bad news for you, kindly read through below for further details.
1. Ouch! We shall start with the bad news first.
a. 14mm Quick Release Spring bar 

We had faced a unforeseen circustances in past two weeks. Our adapter are design to work with the original Zenwatch Springbar with 3mm catch. We took the picture and send to our supplier a month ago, and than make an order. The first batch came with a 2mm catch, than we return it and asked for a reship. The second batch came with a different catch head, but still with 2mm catch. The thing that surprise us is our supplier simply gone missing, and left us with a few thousands of unusable spring! This is a supplier that we had work with 3 years now and we are sincerely shock with the respond. Last week we are force to search for new supplier and we found out that this is not a normal catch length and it needed to be customise. Without further delay we had found two supplier that are able to produce 14mm quick release with 3mm catch. The order had been made today after several discussion. 

It will take 20 working days to produce and duration of shipping will takes about 4-5 working days. We are looking on around a month of delays. 
What we can do now:
Option 1. We can ship without the 14mm Quick Release if you need it as soon. Estimated shipping starting next two weeks. The AZ3 adapter will still work fine with your original springbar that come with the watch. ( Take note: There will not be a replacement spring-bar, because we are unable to bear the shipping cost for additional shipment ) 
Option 2. Ship once we receive the spring bar in a month from now. If your watchband are still working well, we hope that you can bear with us for a little while. 
We are sincerely sorry for the unexpected delay.
b. Normal Link Production 

Another issue will be on Remod Watchband Normal Link. There is a slight delay from our manufacturer on this part. We have seperated the whole production to three different manufacturer and the manufacturer that responsible for this part face some issue. Every pieces of Remod watchband comes with 16pcs of this link. This week we shall receive 1000pcs of this, which are able to produce around 62pcs watchband. In order to make sure the colour will match with the AZ3 adapter, they need to send for Anodizing together. Estimated that all normal link will come in latest by next week. 
2. All other parts include AZ3 adapter arrived 
The rest of the parts had arrived and gone through the surface finishing process. Currently awaiting for anodizing.

3. Remod AZ3 Limited Edition officially ended. 
We had customize 130 pcs Remod Watchband specially for Asus Zenwatch 3, so you are the only one who will ever own this. 
4. Colour matching result

Asus Zenwatch 3 colour vs Colour Matchning vs Remod Watchband Original
Asus Zenwatch 3 colour vs Colour Matchning vs Remod Watchband Original
As mention in the campaign and updates the colour will not be exactly the same due to the different in nature of material. We have tried our best to match it and find the nearest possible. To make the colour more identical, we have tried a few different surface finishing process. In the end we have increase the process from original glass bite only, to additional porcelain tumbling and chemical polish. The best out come for Silver will be nickel coating. However we believe a lot of people are allergic to it, so we did not put it into consideration. 

Showing you guys the out come in different lighting and angle.

Rose gold is still waiting for new sampling due to the pending of ingredient. We should be able to show you the result in few days time. 
5. Shipping Address officially Close. 
In Kickstarter system once we close the edit address function, they will still allow you to change your address in 48 hours. However we already prepared all your parcel and documents. In this case if you change your address, we would appreciate that you send us a message to notify us. Our team will recheck all the address too on our end. 
Thanks for your patience reading this update. We promised to be transparent and hope you will complete the journey with us as a family. 
The next update shall bring the Good News of delivering the parts. Thank you & have a pleasant day.
SteelConnect Team


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