AZ3 & Remod Final shipping coming soon.

Dear customers,
We have started shipping since a month ago batch by batch. With current status we have shipped out 75% of the pledge. So why the rest took so long to process?
In the first production run we had fabricated approximately 5000pcs of metal parts. 

Partial Remod Watchband parts
Partial Remod Watchband parts

First Problem
1500pcs of AZ3 Adapter, which makes 750 pairs and the rest were the parts for Remod Watchband. It is a complicated process as we tried to make matching of colours, we tried the process of going through several surface finishing process ( glass bead > porcelain tumbling > chemical washed > anodizing ) . When we receive back the products after anodizing, it appears that there is tiny scratches on almost half of the parts. The manufacturers could not identify which process that actually cause it.

We took sometime to consult with experts in this field and are finally suggested to hand polished the parts due to the curve and sharp edges. To not further delay, our team started hand polishing it carefully piece by piece. With the help of jigs, the process have been improved. 
The parts are all strip and re-polish, than resend for finishing and anodising.

Second Problem
*kindly note that matching Remod only available for Kickstarter backers and some early backers from
When the parts came back, there is some different in the anodizing colour. So we contacted the manufacturer and bring it back for re-work. Normally there will be a friction of different in different batch, but this were a bit off and we will need to fix it. 

As you seen in the first image, most of the parts had arrived and assembled. There is only one more part that we are waiting for the final assemble.
We are sorry for the lost of contact and slow in replying the message and comments. Our team had been solving the problem and awaiting for the schedule from the manufacturer in order to share a more precise information. 
The schedule we are given is this Friday, if everything goes accordingly there is no way for further delay. The final shipment should be happening on next week. Thank you for going through this frustration with us and we hope to bring you the best. 
Have a wonderful day. 


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