Shipping is happening for online pre-orders as well

Good news! We are shipping out most of the rewards starting 8th Sep 2017. 

1. 14mm Quick Release Spring bar
We have finally received the customise 14mm Quick Release yesterday. The springbar had been tested and it simply fits perfectly. Yay!

2. Why i opted for shipping without 14mm Quick Release, but still haven receive?
Some of you may have received AZ3 adapter and some is wondering why i have not? We had ship out all pledge that opted to ship without the Quick Release springbar, besides 3 situation as below. 
a. Survey: For those we haven fill up the survey form, we are unable to process your parcel. Kindly go to your Backed Project or our campaign page to fill up the survey form. 
b. AZ3 Rose Gold : The colour had been confirm and is currently preparing for final anodizing. The rose gold is the last colour in the production line with limited volume.  
c. Remod Watchband : There is some issue in between the process of finishing and is currently in the stage of resolving. 
*** For those who pledge for Remod Watchband and Rose Gold AZ3 adapter, we estimate to ship it out by end of next week. 

Packing in progress.
Packing in progress.

3. Shipping

 The parcel is going out....
4. Share Hashtag
If you happen to share your lovely strap combination in the social media platform, kindly hastag #steelconnectaz3 . Your sharing will also help other Asus Zenwatch 3 owner to look for their favorite strap. - . <
If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Thank you & have a great day.


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